Patient Testimonials


Dr. Breithaupt is an excellent dentist. He is very polite, thorough and patient. He explained in detail everything I needed to know about the extended work I need to have performed for good dental health. And he was also very gentle with performing a procedure on me, considering my complicated situation. I will highly recommend him to friends and family. Thank you Dr. Breithaupt.

Marina Bleimaier

Doctor Breithaupt is very attentive, kind and has gentle touch. Very consern about possible pain. I feel very confident going to the office to do any nessesary procedures from cleaning to crowns and everything in between.

Alex Atiemo

He is an excellent dentist and professionally good.His advice about what the health of your teeth,what needs to be done immediately and what you can hold on for the right time was super.

Louis Deraville

One of the best doctor visits I can remember. He does a great job, is funny, and has an extensive knowledge of rock music. I left with clean teeth, singing Kansas - “carry on my wayward son”. Not a typical experience for an African American 😃

Princeton Optometry

Dr Breithaupt is an excellent dentist. He has his patients best interest at heart. Very rare to find these days… Top notch professional.

Araj Khanum

They are the best! And so sweet! Such a cute office! Loved Dr. Tom and Rayanne!!

Chris Hatrak

"Dr Tom" always takes the best of care of anybody he sees. He has changed my entire smile over the years and made me so happy that words cannot describe it. He is a true professional of the highest level so if you are looking to have anything done from basic dentistry to implants or anything in between please go see Dr Breithaupt. Strong recommend!!!

Barbara Lani

It was my first visit and Dr. Breithaupt listened to all my concerns and helped me in finding the best solution for me. He cares and looks to find the optimal treatment for you

James Jordan

Incredible Dentist! Courteous, gentle.. phobia of dentistry gone! I would recommend to everyone!

Deborah Smyth

Very personable and professional. Would highly recommend!

Steven Cohen

Nice, friendly,and someone that actually cares. No substitution for experience. Highly recommend him.


May sound strange, but I enjoy my visits to see Dr. Tom. He’s personable + a great dentist!

Anthonia Macarthy

I have lots of confidence in Dr Brethaupt Jr.

Abelardo Lopez

The information that was provided to me was clear and to the point. Great service overall.

Ashley Elabo

Exceptional service! I never have trouble booking an appointment. The work is superior. I highly recommend.

Shin-Heng Chiou

Dr Breithaupt is thorough, gentle, knowledgeable, and very personable. I highly recommend!

Jonathan Cohen

The full deal. Could not ask for more along any dimension, technical, interpersonal, etc.

Hungmo Lin

Very patient and gentle with his work. Took time to explain.

Peter Swanson

Friendly and helpful dentist

Robert Smyth

Pleasant and high degree of excellence. I'd recommend to everyone

Elisa Chin

Very detailed and professional service!

Tate Anthony

Best dentistry in Princeton

Maria Smit

Thanks, pleasant experience.